Episode 8 || When it's time to quit your day job and pursue your side-hustle

“When is the right time to make you side hustle your full-time gig?”

As a team of entrepreneurial-minded individuals, it’s no wonder we have all, at some point in our lives, taken our side “hustle” and transitioned it into our full-time gig. Today we tackle a question we all get, when is the RIGHT time to make that shift?

In today’s episode, we come at the question from a few different angles including when it’s maybe not (in bold) the right time. Now, we firmly believe there is never an ideal time to make the jump, so let’s get that straight. If you think about driving down a busy road, and if you decided to wait until every light was green the entire way to your destination, you’d never start. The journey to your definition of success will be paved with struggle but when you can learn to embrace the process you are already off to a great start.

Get ready to listen or watch the Scaling Creative team discuss, disagree (LOL), and dissect our thoughts on this topic! As always the best conversations happen after the episode so we want to hear from you! Have you successfully leveled up your part-time passion? Are you thinking of taking the leap? We want to hear your thoughts!