Episode 12 || Using LinkedIN for your Business

Today’s podcast continues our social media series as we land on the world of LinkedIN. There are several aspects of this platform that make it incredibly unique. What separates this space from all the others is that it has a very specific user base. It’s like a 24/7 professional networking event online with every major player in the game. According to an article by hootsuite 2 professionals join LinkedIN every 2 seconds. They went from 467 million users in Q3 2016 to 590 million by the end of 2018! Talk about growth!

Scott is an avid LinkedIN user and in this episode Michaela interviews Scott about how to best develop an understanding of this platform as well as a strategy to start using it well. Most people aren’t utilizing it correctly, so when you do, you stand above the rest. It doesn’t take much to be above average!

We discuss some of the major reason’s your business should not only be present on LinkedIN but HOW to kill it!