Episode 13 || Leadership, Culture and Scaling your business

As you grow and scale your business, how do you balance creating a culture of love and care but also hold people to a high standard of excellence? On today’s podcast, we answer that question with the help of our guest, Joe Henseler. In this compelling conversation, Joe drops some major truth bombs and gives us a glimpse into why he is a well-respected leader!

Joe has experience in cultivating a healthy work environment for his growing staff of 75 individuals. There is a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of leaders and with that can come a lot of obstacles. We loved getting to hear about Joe’s mentors and how they shaped him, the struggles he has had to overcome, the importance of loving people, and how to build a team of thoroughbreds.

Joe was Scott’s one and only boss so let’s hear what he has to say about Scott as an employee. The secret is out! Take a listen…

As always the best conversations happen after the episode. Share with us your biggest takeaways and what you're doing to excel in leadership. We love hearing from our listeners.