Episode 15 || Should you start a podcast? The answer is YES!

Welcome back to the Scaling Creative Podcast. We are excited to talk about the power that podcasts can have as a business development tool. The SC team highlights 3 reasons why having a podcast will benefit the company and also 3 reasons that should not fuel you to start a podcast.

People are more likely to listen to a podcast than they are to sit down and read a long article or a book. What is your favorite way to consume content? Do you listen to a podcast? Watch videos on YouTube? Or read blogs? I’m going got guess, for most of you, it was the first 2.

Our world is becoming an audio driven and audio consuming world!! (more on that next week). We discuss everything from generating traffic to reaching a wider audience to being a tool that saves you time to how it’s a new kind of networking. We cover all this and more as dive deep into the world of podcasting. Enjoy these few tips and as always the best conversations happen after the podcasts! Let us know if you are looking to start a podcast or if you already have. What tips can you give the community of entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders?