Episode 13 || Leadership, Culture and Scaling your business

Episode 13 ||  Leadership, Culture and Scaling your business

Here at Scaling Creative, we love having discussions about leadership and culture. Today’s podcast is all about those two topics. We believe that you can’t have one without the other! To help us bring some fresh perspective to the group we invited a well-respected leader and Scott’s former boss, Joe Henseler. Let’s get the conversation started!

Episode 11 || Using Instagram for your Business

Episode 11 ||  Using Instagram for your Business

Our next stop on the social media podcast training is our personal favorite platform, Instagram. This 1bn monthly user network is also owned by Facebook which has a lot of perks when you think about the ad platform potential. If your target market customers are within the 18-34 age bracket then you definitely want to tune into this conversation. On second thought, even if they aren't, you should still tune in! Join us as we discuss the potential power your business has in this space.

Episode 10 || Using Social Media for Your Business

Episode 10 ||  Using Social Media for Your Business

Our first stop on the social media podcast training is non-other than Facebook; the OG, the 2.37 billion user phenomenon that started as a small way for college students to connect and is now one of the largest ways that people connect. It’s also made a huge impact on the way we do business. Join us as we discuss this ever-changing platform and how to best utilize it to grow and promote your business. Learn about who’s on Facebook, why they’re on it and how to stand apart in the crowd!

Episode 9 || Using Social Media for Your Business

Today we are starting the conversation on the most frequently requested topic from our listeners…Social Media. It’s a huge topic with so many every-changing facets, which is why we are going to break this one into a few different episodes.

Good marketing is showing up where your customer lives. Great marketing is not just showing up but showing up consistently and providing engaging content that both educates and entertains. For the most part, people live on social media platforms. There are countless videos of people walking around with their faces in their phones walking into walls or falling into water fountains because they were glued to their screens. This is the world we live in. Are YOU showing up where your customers live?

We want to help you overcome overwhelm but gaining an understanding, developing a strategy, learning the importance of serving your audience and staying true to who you are and what makes YOU great!

This first episode in this series is a general overview on social media and then we will tackle your specific questions and take a deeper look into each platform. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIN, and Snapchat will be our biggest areas of focus. Do you have a question for the Scaling Creative team?? We will be featuring questions from you in upcoming episodes.

As always the best conversations happen after the episode and in the comments. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Excerpt: Do you ever feel overwhelmed about how to promote your business well on social media? You’re not alone! Today’s episode is just the beginning of a series focused on the nitty gritty of marketing your business on all social media platforms. We’ll be discussing topics like developing a strategy, learning the importance of serving your audience and staying true to who you are and what makes YOU great! In part 1, the Scaling Creative team begins laying the foundation for all things social media. Let’s dive in…

Episode 7 || When it's right to be wrong

In today’s podcast, the team talks about when its right to be wrong, and more importantly when to admit it. We talk about leadership from the perspective of how things change over time when bold promises get made, and how to adjust when the thing you promised no longer serves your brand or organization.

When you start a business, ministry, marriage, or new job you are probably filled to the brim with excitement and naive promises. You tend to speak in absolutes and while it's not always a bad thing because passion attracts people, IF you’re going to lead a growing company, one thing we can promise you is that there will be times you need to unmake some of those promises. That’s why we say it can be right to be wrong.

This podcast concept is something we learned from leadership guru, Craig Groschel. His podcast motto is “when the leader gets better, everyone gets better.”

One of the biggest concepts we focused on was the fact that you tend to criticize most what you understand the least. This is actually a great marker for where you might be most vulnerable in business. Take a minute to evaluate what you are most critical of in other companies or leaders. Dissect why? You are most vulnerable here because you lack content and understanding behind the why of their leadership or company’s direction. When you lack understanding you lack compassion and when you lack compassion you limit your growth.

We care about your growth...Listen for 2 major tips on how to improve and create a culture that isn’t afraid of change and how to clearly “unmake” some of those naive promises that no longer serve you.

Let’s apply this leadership tip together!

The Scaling Creative Team